1 Corinthians 13:4-7


The human condition
To be obsessed
With What ….
Tattoos or thinking getting a tattoo (my issue)
Pornography physical or mental
Past mistakes
TV or yes even pokemon
But, do we alway bend or lean to the ifs of life
If I have this or if I have that
It takes a strong soul it say I’m satisfied
Yes I will still grow but I’m satisfied
I’m satisfied with my inner self
I have made mistakes but, I know I’m forgiven
I have done wrong things but, I’m forgiven
I have hurt people I love but I’m forgiven
God has given me a inner love that far greater than anything tangible here on earth
Change our selfish obsession to an obsession of love for each other
See the people at our fingertips, not things we can not touch




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