Flashing Lights


A loud THUD and all is quite…..

All you here is your heart beating …

Sweat is pouring off your forehead…

Why in the world?..  you think  ….Why in the world did this happen?

Why did I let this happen to me?


We go through life learning. We learn every day.

Can’t hit the snooze button or I sit in traffic for 30 min more.

Can’t talk on the phone while the eggs are on the stove… This pass Sunday breakfast did not go well

Can’t, Can’t, Can’t This is what the would is teaching us. But this is just the surface layer we are dealing with.

We need to push deeper.. express concern  with others.

Probe their thought and push their limits.

Then you can see what you are made of and can apply what you/ we have truly learned.

Personable and relational is what God intended us to be.

Sure it is safe typing here in the screen, but to go to a coffee shop and put a sign on the table and saying “Meaningful Conversation are Free Today” is another.

This is what we are CALLED to do.






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