“If Gathering” What if we lived like Jesus? for woman why not for men ?

When I think of the word If. I think of being stronger. Not that I’m not stronger, About that I’m stronger. Ifs are scary. I feel like I’m going to use if 50 times in this post. I really don’t like the word.

The photo in the post is a pond near my house in Virginia and brings a lot of warm thoughts. The pure beauty of Gods world that we live in. and the Grace he gives us. I look into the Mirror and do I like what I see? I stand back, “Who is this man I’ve become?”. How did I allow myself to be put in this box.What I see is only a shell. What I Do is in my control. I can not stand by and be so passive any longer.  I need to Learn to expressing my feeling in words,art or music. Sometime you don’t even need words to feel His presence and the Shiver  that is sent thru you . This is what I feel when I look at this photo. I feel God’s love pouring over me filling the empty shell of a man that is  on a quest to live the life God gave him.

Men like Lance Price really have power in their words to make you think.


my “If” Haiku






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