WHO am I?


I have gone through life  and really had no superhero. This is not sad thing just that I really never put my faith in men or woman as superhero’s, even superheros have flaws. Maybe I didn’t/don’t want to see my own flaws. (This is turning into a self-dialog)

Growing up Green Lantern was my favorite Dc Comic Character. Able to use the power of his mind to overcome evil  to control the ring Hal Jorden had to face his fears truly face them and overcome them.

How do I face them ?

How do Overcome them ?

Why does it bother me that someone fails at work or in the home?

Where in my past do have this perfection complex, at work people could Die as a result of a mistake,  so we put steps in to prevent this. at home I’m still selfish and let others down. Why?

What fear or fears in my past am I not facing? Have I truly looked in the Mirror?

Why do I avoid the pain?(Make self busy or zone out with TV).

What do I see? A MAN ( hard to admit that I’m Broken and need God in my life Daily)

another was Bruce Jenner the triathlete (not to happy with his choices ) but i still admire the man and his achievements.

We go through life seeking aspirations  to be like someone or something

Sometime we forget in the quietness we are still human and God made us to be superhero’s. We only need Him for aspirations and then He will provide the power and will to make a change.


3 thoughts on “WHO am I?

  1. Help yourself, comprehend yourself, love yourself, and god will help you. I hope you find your answers and discover the truth that will set you free. If ever you find my answer too impertinent, i hope you forgive and delete it 🙂


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