A Christian/Sinner. A squash lemon on a highway of life.


Vonita ,link above,wrights

 cant get a enough of the Zing of a lemon,

Which is sometime a very good thing.

What does the lemon think Zing is ? (A perspective change)

I going to reach way out there on my word picture so stay with me

A good tasting lemon is tart correct, so much your face clench  into this distorted looking thing, sour beyond comparison Why do we like such a fruit?

A good article on why lemons are so good for us.for (health nuts) A.D.D. moment

Or does the lemon balance out our own acid in our lives

lemon as people 

There are all kinds of people and all kinds of fruit

Why do people stay so tight in that group?

have you ever seen a orange in a bunch of grapes .. out of place right.

Is it that everyone is like me so I feel safe or liked?

What happens when we notice a flaw in out selves.

Do we hide covering that portion of our selves so other will not see,

or do we cut it out leaving a void.( I always thought that to fill myself with better things to overcome the bad . I just don’t get it all the way better)is everyone like this?

Why do we deal not with the our own fear that people want like us anymore.

OR should we share our sour side?

Why do we shun the bad apples ( no pun intended )

are we not strong enough to stand for what we believe in?

or do we not practice what we preach?

so this is coming off strong — I’m upset at my own self for acting like this (hiding)

I have many fears things that i’m allowing to control my life.

and I’m working on them … but i’m still afraid … why do i not have the strength to face my fears ?

I know actions speak loader than words .. it is just lonely being different apple

“A Christian/Sinner”

why do need not to make mistake.

PS sorry this reads in all directions

photo : https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ZRyVNWKYemA/hqdefault.jpg




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