These words are so true. do not try to do but,DO them

“I invite you to take an honest look at yourself, strengthen yourself with the Word of God, let it all out, stop being afraid of what you see, stop pretending to be something you aren’t, and see yourself through the eyes of Our Creator.

You are amazing – you are loved – you don’t need to hide anymore – be free and remove your mask.”


Who am I?

Three words asking one seemingly simple question. Fear of judgment causes us to hold back or the need of acceptance pushes us to exaggerate our responses. We wear masks to survive and risk forgetting who we truly are instead of being true to ourselves and honest about our situations. There’s a stigma associated with authenticity. We pretend, we shut out our inner voice, and condemn ourselves for not being as “put together” as the people around us seem to be. We wear down our spirits, think the unthinkable, and ruin precious moments because we’re mesmerized with what meets the eye, foolishly believing that what others allow us to see is all that exists beneath the surface. We believe the lie that something is wrong with us and resent ourselves. Few dare to look at another in the eye and say “I’m imperfect, I’m overwhelmed, I’m struggling in…

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