Man is to Tend the Garden


A poem By Laura

Read both amazing from start to finish and finish to start

The first stanza:

Her beauty. Her scent. Her uniqueness.

Her essence and loving ways are exposed.

Rare and Graceful in all her ways…

She brings color to your world.

Depicts how and why we fall in love.

This person, so wonderful came in to my life. Captivating  all my senses, fulling my soul just with the mere sight and smell of her.

The second stanza pulls you deeper

But, unknown to you…

her fragrance comes from a much deeper place.

Her heart. Her soul.

Her inner confidence.

Lies deep within her outer layers.

A curiosity that draws you deeper to her. The aspect of knowing someone and touching their  soul is much like a moth to a flame or a bee to honny. We can not help but be drawn in to the love that is shown to us for us to take into ourselves.


Waiting for you to discover.

As men we must constantly pursue are bride never waving in trials of our lives. the layers are deep and sometime very hard to pull away. sometime the layers expose something we never thought we had to deal with, other bring pure joy. I say “work on both”. Break down the walls the divide you and search deeper to discover new layer. That are even more full of joy.

Yesterday is gone, how have I shown you love today.


The rose is beautiful imagery, a delicate flower quite fitting for this poem.

Though it may prick us at times.

We men must never stop tending our Gardens or they will surly die, feeding and weeding removing pest that may kill and infect this beautiful life that was given to us to love.

Be brave enough to ask the question.

How am I doing as a husband?

Woman are a mystery to us.
Powerful yet questioning
Kind yet destructive
Loving yet self Denying
much like ourselves

with love to my wife of 31 years

“How am I doing as a husband?”





One thought on “Man is to Tend the Garden

  1. Beautiful sentiments! I have to say.. you must must be doing something right to be tending to that beautiful garden and maintaining an amazing bloom for 31 years.
    My husband and I have been together 33 years and he is a man who loves God and is definitely learning how to discover the inner layers of my soul to keep our marriage/ garden growing.
    You have given much more meaning to my words.
    The roses I photographed are from my bushes which are still blooming in my front yard even though it’s October. 😄
    Sounds like we may have much in common! I look forward to your future posts!


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