A request

surrealistic picture of an apple reflecting in the mirror

surrealistic picture of an apple reflecting in the mirror

I’m walking on a journey of self discovery

If any of you have to time to read “MY Vision PAGE


I welcome question and comments. Really, ask hard / real questions on:

Word choice



 I would like to hear more about this ….more or less content

even if the process of moving from page to page is slow or strange

I will address question or …..not , but all will be helpful.

If this looks like it is in raw form …. it is … I will edit this story as I open new rooms in my house in self discovery . I

Thank you,


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Candle     Urgent




9 thoughts on “A request

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    • The picture is a metaphor to me. The Apple we see the the mirror is the reflection we see of ourselves and give to other people and friends. The core on the table is the brokenness inside all of us the we truly need to see to heal so everyone even ourselves can see the beauty that is rightfully there .
      I hope this helps. Thank you for reading .. please read ” My Story” in the Home Bar and comment .

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      • sorry it took so long to reply. I have been concentrating on writing my story. Pulling pain out is like pulling up a weed. I’m exhausted!
        I miss understood your question, God is always in my life protecting guiding me even if I walk in on the wrong road. I have always thought God is in everything. now think deeper he is in the atoms of air I breath WOW so God is not In us. HE is Literally gives me everything I need to live.. oH and I need a lot of work also. How about you. How is God working in you life? I would love to here … please come and read my page ” read the top first ” I will explain ” WHo I am “


      • It has been written that God is for us and that he is in us as a the light we have to share. Because it is the gift that we receive. All I have now as a testimony is that with my faith, I try to be a role model at work, and more tying to at home. As you’ve read on my page I think I do what is right and bringing in in the clients. My thoughts on life I am struggling with now are when I think I know what God has for me. And wait wondering why life is shown in a different light while the significant one I want is not discussing what could be shared as one life. Which the significant One God is the one I should discuss to believe. And I am still wondering through life and trails alone because maybe I am not right and I need God.
        That’s my thought on testimony with no life example, I thought you were asking about the best way to share God and your story. I’ll look into your new page. Thank you for your reply.


      • Testimony = story
        Thank you for sharing you are so brave !
        You are correct the light that is within us “has to be shared”
        For the path we a walk .. He has a plan… And oh my you are worthy… Please don’t ever think anything less. For he is alway with you In every atom

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