If I don’t mind … It won’t matter




The best years are the 50’s said the man in his 80’s.

No, I think the grass is greener over there.said the man with the mower.

All things are perspective.

The daunting task.. could be easier but, the easy road is never the right road.

Really, what would you want?

I would want to leave a legacy behind.

so I’m Ancient that’s ok .. what have you done?

the Ancient People on the other side of the fence.

May not have greener grass but, is grass is not what they value?

feed your passion, leave a legacy

when people look back at you as an ancient … what will you say ?

I don’t mind, because what I did .. Did Matter!!


I’m walking on a journey of self discovery

If any of you have to time to read “MY Vision PAGE

please leave comment


I welcome question and comments. Really, ask hard / real questions on:

Word choice



I would like to hear more about this ….more or less content

even if the process of moving from page to page is slow or strange

I will address question or …..not , but all will be helpful.

If this looks like it is in raw form …. it is … I will edit this story as I open new rooms in my house in self discovery . I

Thank you,












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