Boy did that Hurt….

Ever play a game of copycat  will I did and I paid the price

You can do that I can also

But you can’t…

OooH Yes I can….

Back and forth we went

Balancing on curbs, rocks, anything that would seem hard

I think we both saw them at the same time…

the bollards Wow ( I can do that )

Just getting on top of them was a feat in itself

This 6 inch round post 48 inches off the ground

We did the Crane Move from the “Karate Kid movie”

And then the pain

My friend leaped from one bollard to another and then a 3rd to a 4th and then to the ground

So here is the picture 4 ft. in the air 6 in post about 5 ft. apart YOU HAD TO JUMP and almost run on top of the post to keep going… NO GOING BACK


I got this

Like I said before the Pain of a copycat

***Look at yourself today***

Are you an original,if not become one. God thinks of you as one!

And the Bollard….

Well I missed after the first one and had a more of a black then blue bruise from knee to hip about 10 inches wide then green and yellow 3 weeks later.

I also got up … I’m good that did hurt one bit I said… and hobbled away… Damn that hurt



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