Fertilizer for the Soul


Fertilizer for the soul.

I have been working on my Heart,Soul,Body and  Mind. for the past 2 years as a whole person. SOme time I just want to sit, and rest, but every time I slip back to my sinful ways.

My role as defined in the Bible goes haywire and I go off track.

the 10-10-10-? is working but I’m having issues with the last 10. The Mind.

If we are about the NOW

The past is GONE

The Future is not HERE

Why is it … ( anything ) … I get stuck in those 2 places?

I few things I know.

1.This last second is gone with the words I type.

2. God Loves ME as I am.

3.The world is full of sinners and I’m one of them.

4. I’m improving my self by writing my story

5. Macrame is almost relaxing.

6.  The sounds of birds warms my Heart

7. I truly Like Art.

8. I hurt my Friends the most.

9. This article Helped me today from  Michael Hyatt <michael@michaelhyatt.com>

Been listening to the voice in your head lately?

We’ve all got a “narrator” in our minds providing commentary on who we are and the events of our lives. And we listen to this voice faithfully, not usually questioning the recordings being played over and over about what we aren’t good at, what we should have studied in college, or how we’ll never get that job. But sometimes all you need to do to become more successful is to change the script.

When you’re feeling overcome with doubt, use these 5 steps to break through your mental barriers.

10. I like being different.

“If you try to change it,

you will ruin it. Try to hold

it, and you will lose it.”

– Lao Tzu










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