I will never forget

The sweet taste 

I could not drink enough 

A thirst the needed to be quenched

I tilted my head back 

And drank it in

I devoured it whole 

Like minnow to a shark 

The thoughts will not stop

Only one , two,  three why not 5 6 7 boy I was in heaven 

The bottles , The hearts,The mind


broken pieces on the floor

Where is the broom … over by the door 

Then on the back of my neck

I feel the touch … the twitch

I feel them again …. in my head

I want more and more 

The fire roars again 

I want to drink …sweet Honny 

Stake me down 

Tie me up


For now 

Once more 

I break free


In Paul’s letters we are called to be saints 

We fight against sin every day 

Know one knows your pain 

Only God ! Forgive yourself . He has !

( a resent wave of heat let this flower bloom and then cover her in snow ) 2.9.2017 


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