NO warning

NO sound

O – shit  was uttered

1 millisecond before

Date day with Dad

I can’t even remember why I was in her car .


The mind is a strange thing, protecting us all the time from things we don’t even see.

Now that is all has to be rewired in my head.

45 MPH he said

The speed of the truck against a Scion XA was sad

Just ten years old, Blanco laid in the road antifreeze dripping, I thinks She’s died.

Protection is the Key.

Toyota did a great Job

Air bags deployed as said, just after we were driven into the car before us

The cab intact no glass was broken, Just my head

Pushing the bags down I turn off the Key Blanco was died

Smoke was in the car. The doors would not jar.

EMTs were there faster than light.

What day is today?

Now that’s my fight.

Bitter  I’m not, just sad.


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