Why.. We all ask.. Why?


A rain drop falls from the sky

freezes right in front of my eyes.

I see my breath rises like the morning mist,

All is  clear my mind.

I peer into the droplet,

Deep into my soul

I see a man holding on to all he can

Like grasping at smoke in the wind

I see a moment, a reflection of  my life go by

A thought,
I blink,

Not a sound




10,000 no

10 million droplet thunder down

The droplet crashes to the ground

Ever lost, but always in my mind

Who was he, was he me

Not a sound

As I step out into the rain

The drops cover the crying

The drops cover the pain

My thought became vague or even evanescent of the moment

It was time I had in my hand

and now my feet pound in the rain



2 thoughts on “Why.. We all ask.. Why?

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