My Story / MY Vision

Read this first 


    Through story we allow ourselves to be seen and if we feel safe this allows us to share at a deeper level, a more compassionate level, to bring commonality to both the listener and the speaker. We all know this. We (I) rarely do this.

We stay on the surface, playing or dancing on the thin layer of ice we call ourselves. It is cold and not safe where we play in friendships. We need mittens, hats, and gloves thick coats and many layers to keep us warm and protected. Protect from the elements (ourselves  and others).

    God has a plan for us all. A warm place we can go and take off all the layers ,to grow, most of the time we do not grow unless we go through the pain. I feel like I’m dying when I visit my pain. I have to believe and truly take into my heart that God is with me, to make this journey to share my story.                                  Psalm 23: 1-6

    I can listen, understand, feel compassion, and have empathy for someone only when I look at myself in my frustration and hurt. Truly, I can only walk with someone in their pain only to a point to where I will go in my own story.

The Goal

 Stories are the best way to see each other. This is want I want to learn to do.


But, To help people, I must First help myself.

This is me in all my Glory and Horror.


I welcome question and comments.

I will address question or …..not , but all will be helpful.

If this looks like it is in raw form …. it is … I will edit as I open new rooms in my house to explore.


  I think I will stay with the house metaphor so I other readers and I can stay on my though flow each room I’m quite sure I will open and close the door many times. So if you see a door knob on the floor please let me know.( an area you feel there more to explore)

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Conquering Fear …

** PS this is a living document changing each day **

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