#1 The Basics: Hello how do you Do…..

#1 The Basics: Hello how do you Do…..


iwillfightsite / 5 days ago

Continued from the  My Story / MY Vision 

My name is Ross.
I’m a 51 years old husband, as of today,married for 31 years to a wonderful bride.
Today is 10/14/2016
I’m a father to 2 wonderful, successful adult children.
I’m a brother to an older sister.
I’m a son
and, We are all broken.


Work: work filled me until I learned better

  • passed over
  • employed for 33 years same company
  • no raises past 6 years
  • no bonuses and when there is one it is a slap in the face Bonus (but God tells me to be grateful I will provide, and he does)
  • no recognition
  • not getting filled in anyway or challenged for the past year

Note to self: ” doing the same thing over and over, thinking you will get a different response is a definition of insanity “

    I know I’m Bitter that is one of the reasons for taking this class (LCI training)to help change my perspective. *** Don’t read into the above it is only a ruse to fill the pages this is not at the heart of what is bothering me, some, but only a very little…well a little


High School
lettered all 4 years in Choir, Football and Track and Fields
Sang in Choir
middle and high school
sang at the white house and on the national mall
never got a solo
A Jock
started Varsity as a freshman
was all state 2 times
Tradesman: Electrical Supervisor
AAS Construction Management (Adult Student)
Bla Bla … I never have liked to Boast about my accomplishments. Just typing this part I feel like I boring people.

I recently had a new question so who are you?proposed to me. This came from a new friend’s blog .

See the poem and dialog below with Monika Braun


feeling, tasting, thinking, sensing
I lost myself
and mistook to be a cluster
of emotions and thoughts
which together with my body
and all other attributes
were meant to decide who I was
but my emotions and perceptions
they come and go
my body constantly changes
can I be them or the thoughts
which passing through me
are so impossible to catch?
and if not
who is the I who let it pass?
who feels, thinks and senses
and then observes the changes
remaining unchanged in itself
what could be more urgent
than finding out who I am?


” who is the I who let it pass?”

Is this “I” meant to interchange with the number 1 or it is a 1 all the time ?

wonderful writing… thought provoking

  • Love it Now

  • there is only one “I”, the observer, the knowing… every emotion, every thought – they are not the “I”, they come and go, pass through. So if you ask yourself “who am I?” go inside and try to find the “I”. People define themselves by names, occupations, age, emotions they have or thoughts they think but all those things are only adjectives describing something which is changeable. You are not what you feel nor what you think, you are not your body nor mind, you just have them, so who are you?  thank you for analyzing and asking

I feel it a philosophical question and I need more time. To quote the a old tv show Kung Fu …Life is a corridor and death merely a door ….and I have not yet found the door of who I am but, have not found death’s door either, I have not given up.
Thank you for the use of your poem ! It will be honored

** will  add More**

#2 The front Door




2 thoughts on “#1 The Basics: Hello how do you Do…..

  1. I have read you blog for awhile now, it is inspiring, raw, true emotions and insightful. I have played with the idea of writing a blog but putting the truth of me out there is very daunting. I play the part of friend, parent, executive, spiritual advisor and someone who has overcome and to open the door to what is really behind the facade is terrifying. I commend your strength and hope you keep writing.

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    • Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.
      Please write it there is so much power in words. The fear that binds to our past is holding us back from the beauty of the now. How could I possibly help someone if I do not know who I am. That is the one of the question we all strive to know the other is what do we want… To be loved and understood among many other answers to this question is part of my journey. I hope you do well with yours it will be amazing


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