#3 The Foyer.. Which way now?

continued from #2 The Front Door

..Pulling and fighting this fish went on. bending the rod down. pulling the line out, I tighten the drag more (I have never had a so vivid dream) my hands are slipping I grab tighter, still slipping, I being pulled over. (nothing is did changed the position I was in, I losing the rod the reel and the fish) The rod is still slipping I can’t grab tighter  but I can not let go, but it is still slipping and pulling, sliding out of my outstretched arms and dry and cracked hands I thought maybe if I… and woke up

Just under the surface we are much like the Foyer of our house when guest are expected.

Why is that? A good show? Cleanliness is next to Godliness? Best Face forward? Can’t come in through the garage. Might see the mess. I grew up with mess, don’t get me wrong we cleaned, but there was mess.

The photo was from last week’s class, which area is mine?


 I know this dream was my mind telling me that I need to open up and let go of the mess I was holding in or I will lose it all.

 “Go big or go home.”  

#4 Captivated by fear …


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